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Success Is A State Of Mind:

An Interview with Clay T. Enos

by Angela Langsburgh /Kingsport Gazette

Angela:Clay, let me first say thanks for taking the time for this interview. We apparently have lots of readers interested in the tremendous success you have attained at a relative late state of life.

Clay:You’re certainly welcome, Angela.

Angela:Explain to me what “Clay Enos Consulting” is all about.

 Clay:My consulting company is really no story at all. Though certainly successful by any normal standards, it is simply a side-growth of my life transformation that serves the purpose of keeping my mind occupied with worthwhile activities, teaching folks about a secret that most never really discover.

Angela: And what is this secret?

Clay:“The circumstances you find yourself experiencing in life are the creation of your own mind.”

Angela: Wow! Please explain what you mean.

Clay:Well,I had a good career as an analytical chemist… you know… the kind of chemist you see in all those labs pictured in the crime shows on TV. BTW… I used all that fancy equipment the way it was supposed to be used, not the way they show it in those shows. I presented over 100 seminars in my field of expertise, published 10 papers in journals and scientific conferences, and at the age of 58 had a dramatic change of events.

Angela: What happened?

Clay:I contracted a bone infection that resulted in having to have my “Big Toe” on my right foot amputated. That was’t fun.

Angela: That would certainly be considered a dramatic event!

Clay:You would think so, but that wasn’t what I was referring to. I worked hard, got myself back to work earlier than anyone expected, but while I was still walking on crutches with a wound vac hanging on my hip, I lost my job when the $50 billion company that employed me declared bankruptcy.

Angela: And what happened after that?

Clay:I finished my chemistry career with a company that required me to live in the Chicago area. I served served as a safety consultant for a company that contracted our company to ensure chemical compliance of toys. Then about a month before my 64th birthday, that job went away and I again found myself unemployed.

Angela: So why didn’t you simply retire like most others do.

Clay:This is where I discovered that little “Secret” I mentioned earlier. I couldn’t afford to retire, but I spent an entire year trying to find another job as a chemist. I soon learned that there were very few companies that were willing to hire a 64 year old chemist. So, a few months after my 65th birthday, I took a job selling TV and Internet services door to door for one of the big cable companies.

Angela: Talk about a change in profession!

Clay:Yes, but I had some experience in sales. I had a part-time chimney sweep business for many years, and also sold insurance and mutual funds on the side for a few years.

Angela: I bet you were extremely successful at it.

Clay:Not at first. In fact I only made 1 sale my very first month. But I soon came across a guy by the name of Mark Janazueski, commonly known as “Mark J.”. He and his wife, “The Fabulous Davene”, as he frequently refers to her, were on a mission to train 30,000 people about a system called MKMMA, which stands for “Master Key Master Mind Alliance”, and they provided me with a free scholarship into a 6 month program.

Angela: So this this a self-help course of some type?

Clay:No.. not really. It is a course that teaches the most important principle that any person could ever learn. Quite simply what we are experiencing in our outward world is simply the product what our mind thinks. It’s a cause and effect relationship. What we think, either consciously or subconsciously, is the cause. The experiences in our lives are the effects. I have had a whole series of nasty things happen in life, but this course taught me I had no business complaining about my circumstances, because they were all of my own creation. If I wanted to change the things going on in my life, then I needed to change what the great Art Williams used to call “Stinkin Thinkin.”

Angela: Sounds like one of those mystical religions you hear about.

Clay:No… not really. It is a system based on pure science that teaches a person that they can train and change their subconscious thinking, which controls 90%+ of their thinking. There is nothing magical, it is simply an application of natural laws.

Angela: Did it make you an instant success?

Clay:No. It happens gradually over time. But as I began to start applying the principles, I started to see changes. I began selling more each month, and over the next couple of years, I became the most productive sales person our office had ever seen.

Angela: Now you own your own consulting company. So you started that so you could earn even more than you could peddling TV and Internet?

Clay:No, that’s not how it happened. I had set some goals for my self, one of which was to accumulate $300,000 by October 1st 2020, which would allow me to buy our home here in TN, and live happily ever after without either my wife or I having to work. I kept applying the Master Key principles, and focused on the phrase that W. Clement Stone made famous, “Do What’s Right, Because It’s Right”, and my sales started to exploding astronomically. This resulted in our being able to retire and buy this beautiful home a year early.

Angela: It certainly is a beautiful home. You are located almost smack dab in the middle of Johnson City and Kingsport. What do you like the best about it?

Clay:It is incredibly peaceful. Each morning I sit on the porch and watch the sun rise to a new day of opportunity and excitement. The warmth I feel from the sun filtering through the screened in porch on the front of our home actually calms me and the remoteness of our home allows me to take deep breaths and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Angela: You have a gorgeous view of two mountains, One directly in front of your home, and the other you can see off to the left towards the side. Both of which are visible from really nice porch.

Clay:Yes, and the view is stunning. Each morning I sit out here and the smell of the coffee brewing is fabulous. My wife usually prepares a simple breakfast and it always tastes yummy.

Angela: What else do you enjoy about living here in the Smokies of TN?

Clay:Two things I find awesome. First, watching my wife have total freedom to explore her photography and artistic interests is rewarding. This is such a satisfying place to be for a photographer all seasons of the year.

Angela: Her landscape photography is certainly awesome! What was the 2nd thing?

Clay:My family legacy is now secure. My family sees a father, husband, and grandfather who has leaned the skills to transform his retirement into an adventure by serving and coaching others to do the same. My children are ecstatic over my positive transformation. My wife is eager to see what comes to pass each time I manifest a solution to any circumstance that presents itself.

Angela: So why did you start the consulting company. Why not just sit back and relax and enjoy your retirement here.

Clay:Well Angela… I became so successful as a door to door salesman, that my old company has me come in every few months and spend a week training their new sales people. That’s how it started. I then expanded to coaching others, many from outside of the sales industry, on how to make positive transformations in their own lives. I introduce them to the skills and ideas, and then encourage them to get their PhD from Mark J and the Fabulous Davene.

Angela: PhD?

Clay:That stands for “Positive Healthy Dharma”. In this context, the word “Dharma” simply means living a life of purpose.

Angela: Anything else you would like to add about what you are enjoying these days?

Clay:I continue to appreciate the constant growth in my world within which has allowed me to see continuous improvement in my world without. It is electrifying that I now have the ability to work when I want, where I want, and how much I want without having to have a corporate boss who tells me what hours I need to work, how much vacation time I can have, and by virtue of my pay, where I can live.

Angela: That does sound exciting!

Clay:It continues to be a fun and delightful journey because a life of success is so freaking awesome!

Angela: Will you ever totally retire from business activities.

Clay:Nope, I made a promise to always try to improve my mental process, and that includes helping others to do the same. And you have to remember something very important Angela.

Angela: And what is that, Clay?


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