Week 01 Amazing Start

I have to admit that week 1 of this 6 month program is absolutely amazing.  The 2 hour webinar kick-off was awesome and filled with interesting material.  This weeks activities included the following:

  1.  Three Daily readings of the first scroll in the book “Greatest Salesman Greatest Salesman In The World” by Og Mandino.
  2.  One Daily readings of Part 1 of Haanel’s Master Mind Alliance.
  3.   Three daily readings of my DMP (Direct Major Purpose)
  4.   The writing of this Blog article.

All of this is to begin the training process of the subconscious mind, which is often referred to as the elephant.  The subconscious mind controls how we react to the world without, and to maximize success in the external world, it is necessary to learn how to control our thoughts and retrain our own elephants.   Working on this inner mind is the way to change our outer world.  It is a cause and effect thing:  what goes on in our inner world is reflected in what goes on in our outer world.

This is just the beginning, so watch out world… here I come!

Clay T. Enos,

Mastermind Alliance


As part of my efforts at continuous improvement, I have joined a 6 month long course on learning and applying the “Master Mind Alliance” principles.  This blog will start with weekly documentation of my progress.