WEEK 08 – Imagination

The word which struck me most by the Week 8 material and exercises was the word imagination.  I continued to get more detailed in my visualization of the home I mentioned last week, but really began to use my imagination to enable more specific details in my visualization exercises.  So… this is what my week entailed:

  1. I started each of my “Sit” periods with a brief study of the floor plan and the picture of the home as posted last week.
  2. I began my visual walk through either in the garage, or on the front porch.  I talked to myself silently and described each of the rooms, the furniture decorations, and the wall hangings in each room.  I described what I saw from sitting while sitting on the front porch, or in the Lanai on the rear of the house, including the scenery, the mountains, and the critters that roamed now and then through the yard.  I am especially fond of squirrels, and love feeding them peanuts, so I pictured them hanging from the corn feeders, trying to steal bird seed, and coming up to the steps to get their peanuts.  I saw the deer off at the edge of the woods with salt licks, and raccoons gallivanting towards evening time.
  3. I began asking my wife to come up with some things she wanted to be included. She suggested nice oak bookcases that were mostly glass enclosed for the office, a nice and large curio cabinet in the Great Room that is lighted for a display of her ever-growing glass bell collection, and a large pole barn behind the garage area that was to house three areas:  a wood working shop, a photo studio, and a storage area.

Haanel suggested the importance of exercising the imagination to allow its growth, and used the example of a battleship.  In this exercise I was to start with the picture of the ship, and then imagine how it was constructed, and moving backwards all the way back to the imagination of the architects who had to first visualize how such a structure could be constructed.  Then, I was to imagine even further back to the order to construct such a vessel, and to the endless debates about the necessity and legality of such a large monetary expenditure.    Eventually you realize that if you go back far enough in the chain of events, it all started with someone’s thought.  Their thought was the cause, and the eventual appearance of a battleship weighing as much as a city skyscraper was the effect.

I went through this exercise a couple of times, but unfortunately, I find the topic of a battleship to be rather boring.  So… I changed it.

I chose to think about that nice oak bookcase in my future office.  I thought about it’s functionality, the smooth operation of the glass doors as they were opened and shut.  I thought about all the work that went into the cutting of the mortise and tenons that joined the frames of both the bookcase and bottom drawer sections.  I am a huge fan of Paul Sellars , the craftsman who teaches how to do wood working on YouTube, so I thought about all those joints being cut manually.  The planning and sanding of the boards, the careful attention to the finishes on the wood, the careful selection by the craftsman of the oak boards that had to have perfectly matching grain.  The honing of the wood scrapers, the sharpening of the chisels, and the sharpening of the saws.  I imagined how the sawmills cut the oak trees into boards, how the logging companies cut down the trees and scratched out ruff roads in the mountains to get to the trees.

Wow!  This week’s work was exciting.  I got all of my readings completed, but alas… I am still behind on my homework.  I can’t wait to see what week 9 brings.

The USS Abraham

About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

11 Responses to WEEK 08 – Imagination

  1. cindyoneblog says:

    Hi i really loved what you wrote, fantastic andstraight from the heart , i am learning lots from your posts thank you

  2. Cheri Murrah says:

    I too struggled with the battleship imaging. Even googled how battleships are built. I too found another image I could really relate to and that was the ticket! Great read- thank you!

  3. cindyoneblog says:

    wow i really liked your post… i have listened to this audio video 4 times and i simply didnt hear it like you wrote it… thanks i get it…. great job

  4. RyanMissler says:

    Wonderful job Clay. Mental labor yields the greatest returns. You’re doing it! Way to go! I could use one of those oak book cases!

  5. Cyprian Cox says:

    I am glad I read your post Clay. “Imagination”; that word just touched me like never before. I feel like I need to spend more time with that.

  6. Thank you for such a sharing. You are doing a great job and I admire you. I hope the mental work is already manifesting in the world without. Keep writing, keep inapiring. Thank you !

  7. cindyoneblog says:

    I love your post so beautiful and such an imagination that you place inside this blogging it’s the best just like you

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