Week 06 – Fun Excercises

Week 6 sure did fly quickly.  I am really liking how the various materials are linked to one another:  Hannel’s lessons, Mandino’s scrolls, the color codes, etc.

I especially enjoyed:

  1.  The visualization exercise in Lesson 6 of Hannel.  I chose a black/white photo of Mario Lanza goofing off with a little figurine.  His tenor voice has always meant something special to me.  My oldest son, Justin, who was born in 1980 carries the name “Mario” as his middle name, as does his son.  My wife and I are amazed how much he resembles Lanza at times, and we have seen him make this same goofy face many times, and when he does, his resemblance is to Lanze is amazing.
  2. The continued emphasis on concentrating the metal focus.  I received a nice mailing of a magnifying glass and little compass from my guide, which was awesome.  I practiced focusing my mind for 20 minutes each day on the healing of my injured leg.  By Saturday I was doing really well with this exercise.
  3. The message of scroll 2 was really good.  I practice it as I am driving down the road.  I say to anyone in another car whom  I can physically see I say “I Love You”, and it puts me in a really positive state of mind.  I do the same when I knock on a door and the potential customer answers the door.

1951 photo of the legendary tenor Mario Lanza. My oldest son, Justin, bears “Mario” as his middle name, and often resembles Lanza when goofing off and making faces like this one.

I continue to read Emerson’s essay on compensation, and it is a difficult read.  I did see some his “polarity” discussion overlapping with Scroll 2 from Mandino.

I am behind in my homework, but continue to plug along.  I like the changes I am seeing in my “world within”, and am confident that I will continue to see continuous improvement in my “world without“.


About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

3 Responses to Week 06 – Fun Excercises

  1. ilovemyjeep says:

    Hi Clay! I really like the part about saying I love you to people too. I wish I remembered to say it every time.. great blog- thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice word keeping a positive attitude Thxz For sharing

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