Week 05 – Some Key Learnings

This was a good and bad week for me… good because I continued my trek on working exercises aimed at teaching me how to train my sub-conscious, but bad because I suffered a bad fall while knocking on the doors of prospective customers. Although I banged up my already bad leg, it turned into a positive, as I was able to show myself that even in this less than desirable circumstance, it is possible to maintain a positive mental attitude.

I thought this is a good time to summarize my leanings thus far.

  1. The circumstances of life we find ourselves in are the product of our own creation through the thoughts which we have, in times past, engaged in. We are simply receiving “our own”, and therefore have no just cause for complaint.
  2. Our Subconscious mind accounts for more than 90% of our mental thought. Most people never learn how to leverage their subconscious, which is mostly reacting as a result of our habits and hereditary influences from the past.
  3. The good news is that we can change that “Old Blueprint” of the subconscious mind by making proper use of the “gatekeeper”, i.e., our conscious thought processes. We can use our conscious, or Objective mind to create a new blueprint.
  4. Once we truly master the ability to train the subconscious (Subjective) mind and create that “New Blueprint”,  we experience changes in our outward circumstances. This doesn’t happen due to some mystical “new-age” experience, but rather through our influence through natural laws.

The new assignment for this week was to create a new page on this blog that was entitled “Press Release”, and was to contains am imagined interview that takes place some time in the future after my DMP (Direct Major Purpose) has been realized.  You can find this at the top of the page.  It took some time, but was fun to write.

In the first scroll of Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman In The World”, there is a paragraph that talks about how the creation of the new, positive habits causes us to face each day with new vigor, excitement, and a readiness to face the world without any of our previous fears.

I am beginning to experience this. It is freaking awesome!


Week 04 Evidence of Positive Changes

Week 4 is almost gone, and I continue to be thrilled and see daily improvement.  I have continued to do my daily activities:
1. Reading my Blue Print Builder.
2. Reading Scroll 1 from Mandino.
3. Reading lesson 4 of Master Keys.
4. Reading Index Cards several times daily.
3. Doing “The Sit” at least once, sometimes twice daily

I have also continued to recite what I call my “chants” that I mentioned in last week’s blog, and probably recite each of them at least 10-15 times a day. That provides the recitation of each of the 7 from 50-75 times daily.

I have experienced continuous improvement, though things certainly aren’t perfect.  I did make 4 sales last week, which was good for me, and was mentioned in our weekly Huddle at work for knocking on 77 doors in one 6 hour shift.

Evidence of Positive Change

Yesterday I had a really nasty experience.  About 8pm I knocked on a door of a prospective customer as a follow-up to a quote I had mailed after talking with the woman of the house.  The husband answered the door and before I could even get a word out of my mouth he shouted “We don’t want any of your SH*# , and then slammed the door in my face.  Although my first reaction was to immediately feel angry, I simple yelled to him “Have a wonderful evening”, and then walked away doing my chant “I am positive, I am patient, All the time”.  It was hard, but that’s how I reacted.

I have started narrating my MasterKey readings.  It is very handy for getting all my daily activities done, and is handing for listening material while I am taking a break from knocking on doors, or at time when reading aloud would disturb others.  Here was the first of the materials I recorded.

Scroll 01 of “Greatest Salesman In The World” (Og Mandino)


I Always Keep My Promises

Week 03 Wow! Who Would Have Thought?

Week 3 of this amazing journey is almost complete.  I continue to edit and revise my DMP (Direct Major Purpose) to focus on my the two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs)I have identified:  Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.  It’s hard to express these and my vision with the current 400 word limit, but it’s getting there!  The work is hard and rewarding, but here is what I have accomplished this week:

  1. Read Scroll 1 three times each day and made the changes to eliminate the word “will” in each one.  Also audio recorded it.
  2. Read MK (Master Keys) Part 3 one or twice daily, as well as Parts 1 & 2 a couple of times.  Have recorded Parts 1 and 2.
  3. Have been actively watching for the color shapes on my chore and plan of action cards.
  4. I have meditated as instructed in the MK daily.
  5. Bought a copy of W. Clement Stones “The Success System That Never Fails”, and read 4 chapters.
  6. Come up with several chants that I say multiple times daily:

a) “Do It Now! (25x twice/day)
b) “Do What’s Right, Because It’s right!” (50x daily)
c) “What The Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve!” (50x daily)
d) “I Feel Happy, I Feel Healthy, I Feel GREAT!” (50x daily)
e) “I Feel Success, Gonna Make a Sale, TODAY I AM!” (50x daily)
f) “I am Confident, I Am Powerful, I Am Secure!” (50x daily)
g) “I Am Positive, I Am Patient, I Am Secure!” (50x daily)
h) “I can be, what I will to be, Yes I can!” (50x daily)

All of this is to program my subconscious (or as Mandino says  “my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps”) so that new and good habits are formed that lead me closer to success.

Here is an example audio of the chants.

  1. Is it working?  You bet!  Last month I made a total of 2 sales.  This week I made 3.

Week 02 I Am Feeling Good!

I am now half way through week 2 of my my Master Key’s experience, and I must say that I am excited about the results I have seen so far.  I have been concentrating on my Blue Print Builder, reading of Mandino’s 1st scroll, reading my DMP, reading of Hannel’s material, and paying attention to my 3×5 cards.  I bought a copy of Hannel’s original book as I carry all my materials with me on my job.  I have to stop and take frequent breaks because of my leg, so I always have reading material to maximize my time use.

I also bought a copy of W. Clement Stones’  “The Success System That Never Fails”, and have found several gems in there as well.  I love the his suggestion “Do what is right, because it is right!”, and say that to myself many times all through the day.  I combine that with reciting of my chore and DMP card.  Every time I see a blue rectangle anywhere, I recite a little “ditty” that has 5 “Do it Now” phrases and then a statement of my chore of the week.

In scroll #1, it says that as that “mysterious mind that never sleeps” begins to accept your new blueprint, that you will begin to awake with a new vigor ready to face the world in a new light.  I am beginning to see those things already.  I go through my sales day not worrying about how successful I will be, but concentrate on my new positive attitude.  I am already starting to see some things as a result.

The other day I walked up the driveway of a man that was speaking on the phone.  I walked up to him, handed a card, and whispered “I don’t want to intrude, call me when you have the time because I have an offer that I think you will like.”  He was looking at my card and I turned away to walk back down his drive.  He yelled at me to wait a minute.

After he was done with the phone call, he talked with me, I told him what the offer was, and he then decided to buy our deluxe package.  He told me “You know, I have been thinking about making changes and have been doing some research on the web.  But something just told me that I should talk with you.”  He was on his way out of town, so we set an appointment for next Monday to write the sale.

I am convinced that as I continue this journey of learning how to reprogram my “Elephant”, i.e., my subconscious, great things are going to come my way.  As Hannel and Mark J both teach.  To change the circumstances around you (the effects), you have to focus on the cause, which is your subconscious.