Little Girl Joins Cop Eating Alone

Little girl joins cop eating alone for ‘best dinner date ever

 A police officer in Hingham, Mass. got a pleasant surprise when a little girl in the dining room joined him for what he called “the best dinner date ever.”

Hingham Sergeant Steve Dearth was sitting alone in a Panera Bread on his dinner break when a 4-year-old named Lillian came over and asked to join him.

The police department Facebook page posted a video of the pair enjoying dinner at the casual eatery together.  Another post on the Facebook page explained “it means a lot to Police Officers when people say hi, especially when children approach us.”

Hingham's Sergeant DearthLillian told WHDH, “I think they’re nice. I love police,” when asked what she thought of police officers.  Dearth said he learned a lot from their meal together, describing Lillian as “outgoing” and that this experience is one he will always cherish.

It meant the world to me,” the officer said. “It was the best break I ever had.

Four year old Lillian came up to Sgt. Steven Dearth to say hi and wanted to sit with him for dinner break. Of course, we gave her a Junior Police Officer sticker and had the best dinner date. She even asked to have a play date, said Dearth,  “in a few days“.  Lillian received the Junior Police Officer sticker from Sergeant Dearth hopes to continue their friendship.

This story was really cool and reminded me of a time when the family was at a Bonanza restaurant.  My father was a detective in the Dayton Ohio area, and because of this, my oldest son, Justin, was really into the show TJ Hooker, starring William Shatner.  As it turns out, there was a patrol officer sitting in the booth separated from ours by a partition.  Justin was absolutely fascinated with this guy, and kept standing up and peering over the partition.

When the police officer finally noticed him and said hello, Justin asked him “Do you know TJ Hooker?”  The officer had a big laugh and then looked straight at him and said, “Why yes, young man, he’s a really good friend of mine.

My…my…my, Justin pranced around for months telling everyone about how he met a police officer that was friends with TJ Hooker.

It really saddens me to see so much disrespect for law enforcement these days.  Every day these guys put themselves in jeopardy for us without hesitation.