New Study Shows GMO FEED Reduces Gastrointestinal Problems!

OK, I don’t know that the title of this blog post is true, but this assertion is no more fallible  than the one people are making who are posting a link all over Facebook  that has a title”  “GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush!  Shocking Photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn.”   Do a Google search on GMO and you will see tons of links to the article

The Facebook link is to a webpage that promotes organic foods, but the published journal article is actually quite interesting.  Obviously  most of the Facebook posters are not actually reading the journal article (J. Organic Systems 8(1) 2013, p. 38-54).  You can go to the original article by clicking on the photo

This reminds me of the scare about saccharin, and all the supposed statistics that showed everyone on earth was going to die from it, which led to its ban for decades.  Many years later it was shown that the data studies were flawed, and that saccharine was safe, and it eventually was allowed once again.  For those who don’t know, “GMO” is genetically modified organisms, which are the basis for popular animal feed.

The bloggers on Facebook make a huge to do about the journal articles claim that there is a 25% increase in the median (not average) uterine weight for pigs fed the GM diet.  This is true, but the raw numbers for uterine weight as a percentage of body weight are 0.1% for regular diets and 0.12% for GM fed diets.  Really?  I bet if you did the same study with the brand of non-GM food compared with another non-GM brand, the differences would be about the same order of magnitude.

And if you look at the maximum value of the Uterine weights, it was lower for GM food than non GM fool.  Geez, I wonder if that is the reason they used median instead of  mean values for their comparisons.  To put express this in the same  context as the Facebook bloggers, “A GM diet reduced the likelihood of having the maximum uterine weight by over 127%.

The other issue mentioned was gastrointestinal inflammation, which is the source of the “turns their stomachs to mush” nonsense.  Again it would be interesting to see a blind study comparison between the brand of non-GM food  used here and other non-GM foods.  Also, the only significant increase in this study was in the “Severe” category, and here we are talking about the difference of a few pigs.

As I mentioned, the study was quite interesting, but what bothers me is the use of the study and the proliferation of the suggestions that the GM food is bad for us.  This study certainly doesn’t prove that.  And since 94% of the pigs on both diets had one form of gastrointestinal disorder or another, I am not yet ready to cry  “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”.

What the Facebook bloggers fail to take notice of is that in almost every health aspect quantified in the study, including mortality rates, there was no noticeable difference between the two diets fed to the pigs.

My Conclusions:  After reading the “original” journal article, if you are female and eat regular (non-genetically modified) foods your chances of having ABSOLUTELY NO  gastrointestinal issues increases by 40% .  If you are male, the number climbs to almost 400%.  It seems to me the only sensible thing to do is empty all my food cabinets and restock with only genetically modified foods!

Remember one of the basic principles of statistics:  correlation doesn’t prove causation.

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