This photo of my oldest son, Justin,  is from 1982.

We were visiting my parents in New Carlisle, OH  (Park Layne development) and were returning home on Sunday afternoon.  My step-Dad was an auction freak, and as usual, had given me enough crap to entirely fill the van.  Helping with the loading must have exhausted the young lad as he was soon fast asleep in his car seat.

The blanket he was holding became his “Blankie” and he held tightly to that thing every night up through his middle school years.  I still have the remnants of that thing stuffed away somewhere in a plastic bag.

1982 Justin Mario Enos in Van

About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

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