Remember the Butterfly Effect

Small Biz Owners… Pay Attention.

In 1963, noted mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz published a paper with a stunning conclusion.

Butterfly EffectFor many years people had viewed the universe as a large cause-effect machine.  For meteorologists, this resulted in linear statistical models in weather forecasting.  Lorenz became skeptical of the validity of these assumptions since most atmospheric conditions resulting in weather patterns were obviously non-linear.  In his landmark paper, entitled “Deterministic Non-periodic Flow in J. Mathematical Sciences., Lorenz published his stunning contribution to chaos theory. Supposedly the basis of the study was a question posed to Lorenz, “Could the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world affect hurricanes on the other?”  Lorenz concluded yes, and his postulate of chaos theory became known as the “Butterfly Effect.”

Basically the “Butterfly Effect” was one of many findings over the past few decades that describe the unpredictability of everything:  weather, outcome of marketing campaigns, and the distant, but yet often enormous outcomes from very small events.

A Butterfly Named Sheila

In 2007 my wife and I were heavily involved in portrait and wedding photography.  We were able to attend a really cool seminar in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati for $79.00.  I thought this was supposed to be the cost for the both of us, but when we arrived I found out that it wasn’t the case.  I needed to fork over another $79 if both of us were to attend.  I was extremely agitated as I knew I had read otherwise.  One of the seminar managers was a gal named Sheila, who overheard the rather heated discussion between me and the gal manning the registration table. I was just about ready to tell the clerk “shove it” when I heard Sheila say “Sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr. Enos.  Don’t worry about it; we will register you both for the $79.”  I thanked her for her kindness at correcting the situation, but man I was riding sky high as I thought I had won a great negotiation.

Later that night, at abreak half way through the 3 hour seminar, we purchased over $500 worth of training CD’s.  Over the next three years we purchased a $29/mo subscription to a newsletter that contained a new training CD every month.  A butterfly named Sheila ended up netting her company a total of $1544 that night.

Be a Sheila… Hire a Sheila… flap your wings, and you’ll make a fortune!!

And BTW, I was wrong… I found the ad when I returned home.  It was supposed to be $79 each!

About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

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  1. Eric Shupps says:

    Fantastic post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

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