Negative Naysayers

There are tons of advantages to having one’s own business, and one of them is being in control of your own destiny.  Most people who are self employed are in the search for freedom, and probably consider themselves to have it even though they may work longer hours than their employee counterparts.

It takes lots of effort and hard work to be self-employed, and those who venture down that path face a formidable obstacle, regardless of the type of business they pursue — “negative naysayers.”  Unfortunately the most negative are often those the budding entrepreneur considers to be close friends and family.

To all of those who consider venturing down the path of self-employment, I offer the recent words of wisdom that originated with the wife of the famous author Robert Kiyosaki:

“Negative people will tell you all the reasons why you can’t do something. They kill creativity and dreams. That’s why I’ve rid myself of them.”

Excellent words to live by!

Indianapolis Church

Church on Meridian St. In Indy

About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

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