Corporations Still Don’t Get It!

Some things never change

I recently became aware of a major corporation that treats some of it’s employees like second class citizens.  As the story was related to me, a prospective new lab employee was recently interviewed.  The supervisor of this position interviewed the candidate, then gave them a quick tour of the facility without introducing the candidate to any of the current lab employees.  When another supervisor observed what had happened, he brought it to the attention of the up line manager.   The manager’s response:  “I don’t think it’s important for the other employees to have any input at this job level.”

I continue to be amazed at how so much of the corporate world just fails to “get it.”

A couple of years ago I lost my job with a $50 billion petrochemical company, mostly as a result of the financial hardships that resulted from the acquisition by another company.  The original company, Lyondell, was a $19 billion company that actually had it right — You gain tremendous loyalty from employees when they are respected and made to feel that their opinion is actually important to supervision.  Fifteen years ago, when I interviewed with their Cincinnati Equistar Technical Center, there were several technicians involved in the interview process even though I was interviewing for a job that was a couple rungs higher.  I can’t recall one time that a lab technician candidate was ever interviewed without involving all the techs that would end up working with the new person.

When employees are treated in such a disrespectful manner, they learn some valuable lessons, including:

  • My opinion doesn’t count.
  • I am not respected by my supervision.
  • I am not a valued employee

Why should they demonstrate loyalty to a company that doesn’t value their opinion?  Why should they stick with a organization that thinks they are incapable of presenting a quality image of the the company.

So much of corporate America just doesn’t get it!

No wonder so many folks are trying to escape the “rat race” to try alternative ways of making a living.

About clayandali
Trained as a research chemist, but have been involved with Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. I have been involved in photography for 41 years. Ali is a graduate of the Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH. She loves both portrait and landscape work.

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