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Little Girl Joins Cop Eating Alone

Little girl joins cop eating alone for ‘best dinner date ever

 A police officer in Hingham, Mass. got a pleasant surprise when a little girl in the dining room joined him for what he called “the best dinner date ever.”

Hingham Sergeant Steve Dearth was sitting alone in a Panera Bread on his dinner break when a 4-year-old named Lillian came over and asked to join him.

The police department Facebook page posted a video of the pair enjoying dinner at the casual eatery together.  Another post on the Facebook page explained “it means a lot to Police Officers when people say hi, especially when children approach us.”

Hingham's Sergeant DearthLillian told WHDH, “I think they’re nice. I love police,” when asked what she thought of police officers.  Dearth said he learned a lot from their meal together, describing Lillian as “outgoing” and that this experience is one he will always cherish.

It meant the world to me,” the officer said. “It was the best break I ever had.

Four year old Lillian came up to Sgt. Steven Dearth to say hi and wanted to sit with him for dinner break. Of course, we gave her a Junior Police Officer sticker and had the best dinner date. She even asked to have a play date, said Dearth,  “in a few days“.  Lillian received the Junior Police Officer sticker from Sergeant Dearth hopes to continue their friendship.

This story was really cool and reminded me of a time when the family was at a Bonanza restaurant.  My father was a detective in the Dayton Ohio area, and because of this, my oldest son, Justin, was really into the show TJ Hooker, starring William Shatner.  As it turns out, there was a patrol officer sitting in the booth separated from ours by a partition.  Justin was absolutely fascinated with this guy, and kept standing up and peering over the partition.

When the police officer finally noticed him and said hello, Justin asked him “Do you know TJ Hooker?”  The officer had a big laugh and then looked straight at him and said, “Why yes, young man, he’s a really good friend of mine.

My…my…my, Justin pranced around for months telling everyone about how he met a police officer that was friends with TJ Hooker.

It really saddens me to see so much disrespect for law enforcement these days.  Every day these guys put themselves in jeopardy for us without hesitation.

I Just Don’t Have The Time!

Millions of successful entrepreneurs started their business during their spare time. However, more often than not, someone will say:  “I’d like to, but I just don’t have the time”?

Here are some facts.  There are 168 hours in the average week. Where do folks spend all that time?  Take a look at the following chart:

You can either spend those 30 hours of “spare time” on entertainment or use them to pursue your dream.

Kicking The Entertainment Habit

You know there are two types of people out there.  The “3%” who are wealthy, and the “97%” who work for the “3%

• The “97%” spend their “spare time” on entertainment.

• The “3%”  spent most of their “spare time” building a business.

This is the great divide between the haves and the have-nots.

According to studies, the average person now spends over 5 hours a day on entertainment. Entertainment doesn’t always have to be television, it can be scrolling through Facebook on your smart phone, binge watching multiple episodes of a show on a tablet, watching sports, playing videos games, etc.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t enjoy any entertainment, but do so in moderation. Entertainment shouldn’t eat up nearly a third of your waking hours each day.

Don’t do that.

How much is the “entertainment habit” costing you? $10,000 a year? $100,000 a year? A million a year? More? What if kicking the entertainment habit could put you in a financial situation that allowed you to pursue those dreams you have.  Maybe you’re into photography, and would like to take one of those exotic photography vacations.  Maybe you’d just like to take a regular vacation 2-3 times a year without having to worry about your job duties.  Perhaps you’d like to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, or donate time for the local animal shelter.

Break the “entertainment habit”, work hard for 2-4 years, and your life will be yours once again!

A Part-Time Business In Your “Spare Time”

Fact is, if you want to be dramatically change your situation,  you’ll probably have to start a part-time business. You don’t have to quit your job right away; in fact, you probably shouldn’t. One of the best ways to minimize your risk is to keep your full-time job while you start building your business during your “spare time.”

Work hard for 2-4 years, and your life will be yours once again!
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As Jim Rohn would often say, “Work full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune because profits lead to fortune.

Do that.

Then you can say, “Right now I’m working part-time on my future and full-time on my job”,  but it won’t be long until you can say “My part-time business did so well that I was able to quit my full-time job.  Now I spend all my time doing the things I dream about”.  Can you imagine what life is going to be like?”

Work hard for 2-4 years, and your life will be yours once again!
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Buy Back Your Time

Once your business creates a passive income, you can then “buy back your time.”  No more will you have to sell your time to some employer in order to pay the bills.  No more will you have to endure having someone else tell you when you can take that vacation, how long that vacation can last, and how many times a year you can take it.  No longer will your boss control how much you earn, how much of a raise or bonus you’ll get at year’s end.  Nor more will others by virtue of how much they pay you, be able to dictate in what neighborhood you can live, which determines what schools your kids can attend.

Passive income” is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  Are you on that dream vacation?   With passive income you keep getting paid like any other normal day. 

What does “buy back your time” mean? It means the weekly passive income created from your business more than covers the income you were earning by working for someone else. The passive income literally ‘buys back’ all those job hours for you. Since your business earns you a passive income, you no longer need to trade your time for money.

Turn “Free” Time Into “Freedom” Time!

Most people say they have “no time” to pursue their dreams. Yet, most people spend about 5 hours a day of their “free time” on entertainment.

Some people use that “free time” to start a part-time business. Eventually, when their business allows them to quit their job, their 40 hours of job time become 40 business-building hours. And over time, by leveraging their business into a passive income, they replace their ‘business-building’ hours with an extra 40 “free time” hours! Combined with their existing 30 “free time” hours, they now have a total of 70 “freedom” hours every week!

Freedom Time: When you have both the time and the money to live your dream life.

With a passive-income business, your 168 hours every week could look like this:

How Are You Spending Your “Spare” Time

We all have the same 24 hours each day.  Beyoncé, Richard Branson, Oprah, Les Brown, along with every successful entrepreneur all have the same 24 hours each day. It’s your choice how you spend your “spare time.” Choose wisely. No Excuses!

IMAGINE! If all your “work time” became “free time,” what’s one of the first things you would do? How would your life change?

Work hard for 2-4 years, and your life will be yours once again!
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Create your success!


(Graphics borrowed from:  Art Jonak)

Leadership Principle #1

The Law Of The Lid

Recently Carrie Poulson and I were asked to pitch hit for AJ Monte on one of his weekly “Fireside Chats” for his team. Carrie mentioned a book by John Maxwell entitled “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. Being the voracious reader that I am, I immediately bought the book and have been reading it ever since. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in business.

The first law that is mentioned in the book is what Maxwell calls the “The Law of The Lid”. This law basically says that your effectiveness is actually limited by your ability to lead. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you rate a 6 then the most your effectiveness can rate is a 5. If you rate a 9, the most your effectiveness can rate is an 8.

He illustrates how this works by telling the story of two brothers, Dick and Maurice, who left New Hampshire and went to California in search of the “American Dream”. They originally opened a theatre, but try as hard as they could, it was a dismal failure.

But the brothers had an entrepreneur spirit, and they soon found a new opportunity by opening a small drive-in business. The drive-in business was a new phenomenon in those days, and their new business was a huge success. Soon they expanded the menu to include not only hot dogs, fries, and shakes to include barbecue beef and pork sandwiches, hamburgers and other things. They soon streamlined their business which made it even more successful. They concentrated on hamburgers, French fries, and Coke, and eliminated the bell-hops, glass plates, glassware, and metal utensils. They were hugely successful.

Who were these brothers? If you drove by their restaurant, which they had moved to San Bernardino, you would have seen a sign outside their octagonal shaped building which simply read McDonald’s Hamburgers.

Unfortunately these brothers were efficient managers of this single store, but they were horrible leaders. As they tried to franchise their restaurant they were a dismal failure. They lacked the leadership skills and their thinking patterns clamped a lid down on what they could do and become. At the height of their success they found themselves smack up against the “Law of the Lid.”

Fortunately a great leader by the name of Ray Kroc knew about the McDonald brothers and their restaurant, struck a deal with them in 1955, and because he understood the “Law of the Lid”, was able to transform the McDonald’s brothers business into the giant McDonald’s Corporation we know today.

The Lesson: If you want to take your business to the next level and do something special, recognize the importance of improving your leadership skills. It’s the only way you can increase your effectiveness.


2015 – Time To Change

Want More In 2015 Than 2014?

Better not rely on a J-O-B!

by Clay T. Enos


Wow!  Take a look at what has been happening with the trend in “Real” wages for the average American over the past 15-20 years as depicted in the chart below.  Real wage increases refer to the &nbspseasonally inflation adjusted wages as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  According to the BLS, real wages increased by 1.1% for the 12 month period ending Nov 2014.
However, don’t get too excited by this whopping increase in your annual wages (OK, if you don’t know me, I am being sarcastic here!).  If you read the footnotes of the BLS tables, about a quarter of that 1.1% increase resulted from employees working a longer work week.

Think about it.  How many of us who are fortunate enough to be able to save a little each month in a 401k would be happy if it averaged only a 1% return over 15-20 years?

In the documentary film, “Rise Of The Entrepreneur”, Robert Kiyosaki says in an interview “The age of the Industrial Revolution is dead!”  These BLS numbers are yet another indication of the truth of that statement.  The old saying “Get a good education, then find a good job with a good paycheck and great benefits” just doesn’t apply to today’s job market.

The new mantra is: Work Hard, Live Right, and Maybe you’ll break even next year!
Really?  This is what the American Dream is all about?
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There is a better way!



A Better Way

This is a cool video, as I know exactly how this couple feels.  I’ve been there myself.

In 1988 I lost my job two weeks before Christmas.  Two decades later I had been working for 11 years for a $20 billion dollar petrochemical company when I lost my job as a result of a corporate merger. I was called down to a conference room to be fired while I was still on crutches with a vacuum pump hanging on my side (I had just had a toe amputated.)  Half my severance was exhausted before I could even think about going on a job interview.

In 2012 I left a large corporation to take a job that was going to include a 30% pay raise only to be slapped by a non-compete agreement that I didn’t even know I had signed.  It took me 18 months to find another job, but it put me over 5 hours away from my family.

Unfortunately, my story isn’t unique, and it is not uncommon either.  There is a better way, and like the couple in this video, I am proud that my wife and I have found a good network marketing company.


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The Value Of A Penny

The Value Of A Penny

You may have heard of the riddle you are supposed to ask someone: “Which would you rather have, a million dollars, or a penny that doubles each day for a month?

Most people would answer (at least before the advent of the internet) that they would take the million bucks. However, after a 30 day month, the penny a day scenario would give you in excess of 5 million dollars, and if you happened to hit a 31 day month, in excess of 10 million. Wow!

The first graph below is a picture of how that works. I like this graph because on a scale that is meaningful for the end results, the graph looks pretty flat up until you reach that last few days of the month. If fact, the results are pretty meager for most of the month. The reason why I like this graph, however, is because it parallels the way things work in the network marketing industry.

One Penny Doubled Each Day

My wife and I are building a nice income under the guidance of a couple of great mentors, and a whole team of great leaders. Unfortunately, however, most people just aren’t willing to be stick it out long enough to see that exponential growth. This, despite the fact that our industry has created more wealthy individuals than any other industry.  We have too much of the “I want it now” mentality.  When it comes to building an ongoing residual income, however, “Patience is truly a virtue!

That brings me to the second graph. One day I woke up and realized I had reached the age of 62 and couldn’t afford to retire. I hadn’t saved all my life the way I should have and I had a couple of financial disasters that hit me hard.  Not desiring to work till the tender age of 85, I had to figure out how I can make up for a life time of bad things in less than a handful of years.  So we turned to network marketing, and found one of the best companies around to team up with. I figured I could come up with about $1000 to invest up front, and about $250/month to put into the business.

I had a choice. I could invest in a business or do like most other people do, i.e., put it into a standard investment vehicle. If I did the latter, and I could average a 12% return on investment, after 4 years of $250/month, I would have accumulated not quite $17,000.  I could reliably take out about 8%/year and not exhaust the principle, which amounts to about $113/month in extra income over and above my basic retirement.  Not exactly a “Quantum Leap” increase in extra retirement income over and above the zero extra income I already had!

However, our company has a specific “day-by-day” plan that (with the same investment as above) will give me a business that can produce in excess of $26,000 per month.  In the graph below it is referred to a the “CTE” plan.  Now I don’t know if that would qualify for “Quantum Leap” status, but it sure is better than $113/month.  Quite frankly, it’s more than most people will have even after 40-50 years of savings.

Are these results guaranteed?  Certainly not, but neither is the 12% return we assumed for the standard investment.  In fact the only thing that is guaranteed with the standard investment approach is that at the end of four years I will have made little difference difference in my post retirement income stream.  The graph below depicts this. The horizontal axis represents what our results will be if we follow the “day-by-day” plan and attain results from as little as 2% of what we should, all the way to 100% of what it is designed to produce.  Even at only 2% of the plan’s goal, it still makes a difference of close to 5 times the income that comes from a standard investment.

The difference in these two approaches is simple:   In the business “day-by-day”  investment plan my success will be totally dependent on me. Not on a boss who is a jerk, not on a company that constantly lays folks off, not on a government entitlement….. just on me.

Four years of hard work for a lifetime of rewards. I think it’s worth it!


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